Saturday, June 4, 2011

Recipe, poetry by Rojan Zét

Learn measure weigh pour, weigh again and measure more,
wash dry break fix, finally all is in the mix, sauté
skewer toast grill, taste boil turn and fill, cook
smoke baste sizzle, fry burn roast drizzle, wine
chocolate, shall we dine, almost ready looks divine,
eye-beams holding circumspect hands together pause, reflect,
music playing lights down low, you and I in candle-glow
creating making food together, snug and safe in stormy weather.

Finally nothing left to show but kitchen clean and
silent; belches offered long ago just memories
growing distant. What now? This vista here arrayed
seems empty somehow as displayed. Come back,
return that happy moment where and when, we want it
not to go away somehow to stay. I will, right here
below your feet, but while we're living, you must eat.

So take your shopping list to town, seek and purchase,
write it down, carry home your bagged goods proudly
and ignore all those who speak too loudly. Buy just what
you think you need, good meat, good bread, food good
to feed the ones you love and care about. Keep love
alive, don't do without, and when you're done with
careful looking, start to do some carefree cooking.

Rojan Zét

1 comment:

  1. Love your poem. It remins me of the recipe for a good life - Take love & Kindness & mix well with hope. Add loyalty & blend until a paste is formed. Add cheerfulness. Chop the humor finely & add it. Sprinkle it with laughter.