Thursday, June 10, 2010

Karen Nelson, painter

Profile of an Artist

Karen discovered her artistic talents while doodling on her cast after she broke her ankle horseback riding in 2002. Her favourite mediums are watercolour and acrylic, used to create heart-warming pieces of imagery.
artwork by Karen Nelson
artwork by Karen Nelson

Karen appreciates the peaceful nature of Vancouver Island and it's abundance of birds and flowers. Viewers benefit from the healing properties of her artwork. Her talent is divinely guided and she appreciates the opportunity to channel the spirit world as she paints her visions into compositions. She continues to develop her style and technique by attending a variety of workshops. Gardening is also a source of great enjoyment for Karen.

Karen was born in the city of Calgary amidst the prairies of Alberta. Her background as a Registered Nurse and Healing Touch Practitioner have contributed to her spirituality and understanding of mankind.

Karen Nelson is known for her original paintings on the book covers of "Messages of Hope and Healing" and "Make It Happen! Use Your Intuition and Positive Spirals".

Halo Creations
Spiritual Art
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Mill Bay, B.C.

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