Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Neil Fatin, photographer

Profile of an Artist

What I enjoy most about photography is the endless supply of subject matter and the ability to capture special moments that offer themselves to anyone living on this planet.

Infeliz Nina, by Neil Fatin
"Infeliz Nina" by Neil Fatin
We live in a truly remarkable world and if you know where to look, or stumble on a unique situation, you can use the camera to share those moments with others.

I continue to be inspired by the work of other photographers and what their eyes see. In addition, I always remain awed by what artists also interpret from the larger canvas of life and nature. Overlaying all of this are the subtleties of lighting throughout the course of the day, the weather and the seasons and the huge impact they have on the subject matter on offer.

The composition of the picture comes from the subject matter itself, there are aspects to a scene that just look right to the observer and over time one attunes themselves to this. There almost always seems to be a better way to present what one sees and sometimes this comes from a keen interest in what other photographers do.

So what do I interpret the term photographic art to mean? Having obtained the image, is there a better way to present it and overlay one's interpretation of the image that hit the negative or the sensor in the camera. Just as an artist will provide his or her interpretation of the image they have seen in reality or in their mind, the photographer can do this with processing as much as the artist uses mixes of colours and interpretive brush strokes to provide a final image.

At the end of it all, what I am trying to achieve is an image that I find interesting, will tell a story and will be captivating enough for others to take notice and enjoy. That is, to move from being self indulgent in ones work and hope the image is received by others with enjoyment or any other reaction other than a reaction of indifference. If the latter is the response, then I consider it a failure. Therefore, in essence the term photographic art to me means, using photography to obtain a reaction from the viewer. The snap shot is just that; it is a shot of something in front of the camera without the story telling, i.e.. a photocopy of what was in front of the lens.

One of my regrets is that I did not have the time during my working life to engage in photography in a more serious way.

There are countless possibilities with modern technology and the learning curve can be quite daunting, but as daunting as it is, it is also challenging and rewarding. It is one of the meanings of life...

~ Neil Fatin

Other artwork shared by Neil in the Cowichan Valley Arts Café includes:

Learn more about Neil Fatin visit www.neilfatinphotoart.com

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