Friday, December 10, 2010

Brad Allen

Profile of an Artist

Sculptor Brad Allen has been creating metal art for the past fifteen years. Using a torch as a paintbrush he renders his artistic force on a canvas of discarded steel.
Brad Allen
“I find the pleasures of expression with the breath of my torch…”
- Brad Allen

Influenced by his travels to Italy, Sedona, Maui, and his beloved Hornby Island, Allen creates a fusion of the bold and whimsical—the representative and abstract. His works explore global connections as seen in his interpretation of Aztec art and Japanese kanji symbols. His metal art creates a diversity of first impressions and has a unique capacity to convey insights intuitively and emotionally about family, love, and the dance of life. Allen’s deep connection with nature and his commitment to environmental sustainability combine to produce exquisite, carefully crafted sculptures. Allen values the surface appearance of his stock and using his torch and an array of finishing tools he manipulates his medium to create the perfect aesthetic. With the use of heating and cooling techniques he is able to create colours ranging from earth tones to deep penetrating blues.

His fluid and dynamic sculptures reveal the art of metal in motion. Allen’s innovative creations can be viewed in natural outdoor and indoor galleries on Vancouver Island and in private collections around the world.

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