Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Karma of Stones, poetry by Yvonne MacKenzie

you were so frightened

so I said

look, it's part of the mystery you already know

the filigree of cedar in the forest depth

sublime in damask light

the abandon of finches in the birdbath

flicking golden droplets upwards

the flash of stars in the night sky

igniting a passion for travel

you'll feel empty

but not lacking in essence

like you've come home to yourself

and the freedom of not wanting

leaving no-one behind

you'll be the air we breathe

the refreshment of rain in the garden

the question of karma will vex you no more

the things you gathered, the burden of regret

will seem like odds and sods

you want to shake

from your pocket

you'll see yourself in every gleaming sea washed stone

and rejoice

knowing one day

a child will reach down with wonder

and add you to his treasure

~ Yvonne MacKenzie