Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vic Nadurak, glass artist

Profile of an Artist

SEAFIREGLASSWORKS is located on Vancouver island. This ocean side studio is located mid island in the town of Ladysmith.
artwork by Vic Nadurak
artwork by Vic Nadurak

Vic Nadurak is a retired shop teacher and the artist behind Seafireglassworks.

"I love working with glass. Sometimes you follow the glass serpent, other times you take it by the tail and drag, push pull it to conform to your rules. Such a journey, following your imagination, into the glass universe."

Vic's artwork can be found at Imagine that! in Duncan, on Vancouver Island... an artisans co-operative.

Workshops are offered.

All glass products are made on site, with colours from Northstar glass, Momkas, Glass Alchemy, and Tag glass.

For more information visit Seafireglassworks.

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  1. Hi ron......sometimes we need a reminder of the wonderful talent we have in this area......yours is a good one....thanx vic