Thursday, July 1, 2010

Daniel Deschamps, multimedia

Profile of an Artist

Daniel Deschamps
Daniel Deschamps
Daniel Deschamps is native to New Caledonia, a South Pacific Island. In 1989, during a time of civil war, he and his family immigrated to Canada.

Daniel is Metis; his multicultural heritage has gifted him with a unique cultural and religious upbringing. This is reflected in his art which displays a rich layer of tradition. His work is inspired from his roots, contemporary life and from history. His love of God is often reflected in his work.
Oracion, artwork by Daniel Deschamps
Oracion, artwork by Daniel Deschamps

Daniel is a talented and prolific artist. Ranging from illustration to stone work and pottery, Daniel has an obsession for art. He will re-purpose many found objects to satisfy this need. At times, he will paint on cardboard, sculpt in foam, or draw on his arm simply to satisfy this obsession.

His thinking is that function precedes form and so, form can be transformed to suit a new function. For example, he once converted an old bed frame into three easels for his studio.

Daniel recently won an Award of Merit for a pen and ink illustration titled "Oracion" in the Cowichan Valley's 2010 SASS-e Spring Art Show Sale and Extravaganza.

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