Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Suzan Kostiuck, multimedia

Profile of an Artist

The idea of being an artist has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I’ve always enjoyed the process of working with my hands, whether it be painting, drawing, coloring, or building, Growing up in northern BC in a very remote area and having the opportunities to live throughout Western Canada has given me a wide range of ideas and perspectives to develop.
artwork by Suzan Kostiuck
I used wax crayons as a young child, pencil crayons in elementary school. Ink doodle creations on the edges of pages in high school. And then college was a blur of mobiles, computer programs, illustration board, conté and charcoal. University was slightly more conceptual and allowed a freedom of thinking. The use of these different mediums are simply tools for me to get my ideas into existence. But throughout my life, I’ve always had the box of crayons somewhere around to play with.

Today, I work mainly with photography and acrylic painting. They are the tools that fit my lifestyle right now. Acrylic paint dries easily and cleans up fast. A camera can be toted around and I can use it to either create or capture an idea. Life is full with art, two children, a flexible husband, and work. Like many mothers, I found that the stages of family life are precious and I use my camera to help remember those stages, which is the main reason I’ve decided to work with maternity and family photography.

artwork by Suzan KostiuckPainting allows me to simply enjoy the process of painting as itself. My days are very full right now, so at night I can relax, pick up a brush, and enjoy the fluidity that emerges. Recent paintings reflect this idea of movement and flow, usually interrupted with spots of concise forms. I use colors that tend to be calming or warm, with flashes of energy here and there to add some fun. Because, ultimately, my art does reflect my life.

Suzan can be reached through her site,, or can be visited at the CVAC office a few days per week.

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