Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vancouver Island Wishes

Wish, photography by Julie Nygaard, 2008
photography by Julie Nygaard, 2008

define wish:

Classically the wish provider is often a spirit, Genie or similar entity, bound or constrained within a commonplace object (Aladdin's oil lamp for example) or a container closed with Solomon's seal, or a Vancouver Island dandelion.

Releasing the entity from its constraint, usually by some simple action like a puff of air, allows the object's possessor to make a wish.

The Vancouver Island dandelion may be grateful to be free of its constraint and the wish is a thank-you gift. Or it may, by its nature, be unable to exercise its powers without an initiator.

Many believe such wishes can only come true if you keep them a secret from other people and you find a suitable Vancouver Island dandelion.

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