Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Password, by Rojan Zét


The presentation that evening leaves me cold but standing at the door you return alone for a moment with eye contact and I ask, "What's the password?" The reply directed to me is, "Love!" accompanied by the warmest, most genuine, and spontaneous smile I've received in a long time. How deeply this reached into my heart leaving an immediate sense of joy and rejuvenation, and new understanding of life. Without thinking I replied, "You've got it!" discerning almost immediately that communication had occurred, a door opened and access granted without even knowing the right question or the correct answer.

Known or not, the pass-word concept correctly used responds with invitation; it represents inclusive attitude of congruence and agreement in principle between parties, allowing entry to relationship and signalling a level of potential trust. Even an action such as gently removing a spider and placing it outdoors can be a "pass-word" creating such an opening. Often we find the concept of password misused for screening, exclusion, and for identification purposes. Correct understanding and recognition of passwords represents more than just a key or ticket, it is the main show itself. It signifies not a secret code, but an attitude of shared values.

Rojan Zét

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  1. Yes, a password is indeed an invitation to treat. To access something special. Thank you for not making your writings password protected, otherwise, I would not have had the pleasure.