Sunday, November 27, 2011

Juniper Islet, by Yvonne MacKenzie

the cure for sadness

is to embrace all existence

like the beloved

at Juniper Islet the heart cries out in delirium

oh my love

as frosted lips gently brush the forehead

sea wind loosening the clasp of winter’s wrap

and slipping back the hood so the land can kiss your eyes

at Juniper Islet

cedar limbs shiver in the crystalline silence

shrugging powder-white robes

onto a pillow of emerald moss

the scriven track of geese on a snowbound log

is the first stanza of a poem taking flight

an invitation

to open your arms

and join the dance of earth and sky

skirts of light sweeping over the waves

revolving in the stateroom of the soul

pulling you closer to center

1 comment:

  1. A severe strengthening rendered beautiful.