Sunday, April 10, 2011

Floating in Roe Lake

floating in Roe lake is restful
the calm of the mother's womb
restoring moisture to the chamber of the heart
dissolving the carapace of hurt in the wash of her mercy

sun crowned lily pads and velvet catkins
smudge the dappled canvas of water's edge
where the mottled bark of alder is reflected in a whorl of light
overhead, heat gathers a shimmer of gauze
draping modest folds
‘round the indiscretions of the dragonflies
who hover and dart through the air
slapping their emerald tails in a frenzy of mating
insatiable and oblivious of human eyes

a snake glides by
threading the needle of fascination
his sleek undulations
pricking the soft surface of awareness
I might be alarmed
but the spark of all things blazes within me
and fear yields her robe of restraint
dancing ‘round the flame with abandon

we're all a little silly out of our element
but nature teaches us to trust
an eagle trades his freewheeling grace
for a role in the circus
lurching like a clown on a deadwood log
while he peers at ripples in the shallows

fish leap from the waves
to ride the scented breeze
ducks submerge themselves in the cool depths
wicking their saucy tails
in a fan dance as brazen as Gypsy Rose

in this hallowed place
fingers loosen from the raft of supplication
as everything you see
becomes the love you are
the more beauty you witness
the more you know your self
peace no longer a transaction but a revelation
the deep content of coming home

~ Yvonne MacKenzie


  1. Now yer talkin'!

  2. The old fart can't hear a thing but he's shouting at me...
    "Where the hell is Roe Lake"?