Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Gazing outward, unaccompanied I
pace this earth-station's platform,
each slow step sinking my heart
deeper into release of that
which is free in me, toward
my next stop, a lighter
freedom-finding being.

Swiftly falling away in total
silence, the earth-horizon's
curve bends to an arc becoming
a shrinking turquoise sphere that
disappears to nothing and I am
centered in a hollow black orb
dotted with pin-prick lights.
Rojan Zét is the resident poet of the Cowichan Valley Arts Café
Immobilized, I cannot say
I am stopped. Enclosed,
I do not feel contained.
Without reference, I am
newly stationed alone in
my transient presence.

Who approaches?

Rojan Zét

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