Thursday, December 9, 2010

Postcard to Jupiter

Postcard to Jupiter OR How we got multi-media
(found in a drawer) Earthdate 2010 July 10

My dear Majin,

I'm dining at the Y. What a place for laughs! I met this guy Tom with black hair, his jaw came loose, and his T-shirt which started out being on inside out on this one particular evening when we had our discussion, turned out to have EMBLAZONED on it, "Dier Kennrek I", that is to say, "I recognize my kin..." and I saw it right away - as soon as he turned it around. I said so, and I went with it, I meant it, I looked him straight in the eye, even said it again, and he just kept on staring back at me, his smile growing broader and spreading to his eyes until there were wrinkles everywhere.

What could I do?

I mean, it's not that he had me or anything like that, it's just that it seemed so right, so unbelievable, almost like what I always thought about Truth. Nowadays when I try to visualize Truth I think of an old Ariel Square Four, out of the fifties... a black one... timeless... it would fit in today, yesterday, or tomorrow... like Truth... and truth to me is knowing something, like the feeling of being at home, when those around you are like birds with the same feathers as yours. That's where that saying came from, "Birds of a feather, flock together." It's so simple yet so elegant, and true. I'm part of a flock now, well I guess I always was, really, but now I FEEL part of it, due to awareness of those in my proximity. I recognize them around me, and see myself in those I meet. And wonder of wonders, they seem to like me. My brothers, my sisters, love to all of you.

This guy was my brother, and how did THAT thought make my world change? Well it seems at least I had some time to figure it out. Our paths had gone separate ways since that day long ago when the door closed behind him and I had left Aldabra. How long had it been now...? Let's see... it was the summer before I moved under this overpass where the trains always went through and Lilo and I met there too. Well we meant to meet there but the way it all ended was with me meeting myself where the meat gores through. But that's a whole other story.

You remember I said Tom'd had his T-shirt on inside out? He did. And he is SO compliant, I mean all you gotta do is say something and he'll do it, like, "Move this pile of logs before I get back willya, or HEY, your T-shirt's on in side out," and he jumps up and starts throwing logs around or whips off his shirt... flips it around and throws it back on, then looks up at you with those puppy dog eyes - "Did I do good? Huh? Did I? Did I?" and you just have to offer some encouragement. So there he was, halfway between having the T inside in and out side out and inside out and outside in. Sort of reminds you of something doesn't it... ya, you could see the hairs on his chest, and on his belly, and hanging from his armpits. Maybe you would say he was a hairy guy, but I wouldn't, I've seen harrier, is that how you spell it, I wonder, no that's wrong. "Hairy" gets to become "hairier." "I've seen harrier," ya, that's a good one, I've seen whole suffrin' FLOCKS of 'em, haven't I? You might even say I've been harried. But I absolutely will not allow myself to be hurried. Even harried as I am at times, I take my time. We kind of have an understanding, Time and I. We trade, we exchange, we give and take. When I take it, Time gives. When I give it, Time takes. And we've both agreed to it, it's quite mutual. We're in it for the long haul, both committed, yet we respect each another. And when I'm finally ready to give Time up forever, Time will fully take me. All of me. Kind of comforting don't you think? All of me. All of you. All of us. All together. Birds of a feather. We're ALL birds of a feather, don't you see?

So where was I? Oh ya, the discussion, that's what you were wondering about. Well, I can't say much you know, there's the ban, and there's the incident, and there's the policy, and there's the rules, and there's protocol, and there's the measles, and whaddya know, what next, where will it all stop I ask you? We just can't talk anymore. Can't have that jaw flappin' in the breeze, nosirree podner. Especially now. So much has happened since the last time we talked, nothing will ever be the same.

I love you. We can't help being who we are.

Kiss Lilo for me,


PS: So that's what it boils down to... can't talk about the discussion any more it seems. Next thing you know it'll be illegal even to speak without permission. Then next we'll have to buy licenses, and then they'll be designating Speakers, (which we'll have to pay for of course) and eventually they'll be built right into our computers. Are you feeling strapped in yet? Maybe I worry too much, if so, it comes from my mother's side. And isn't it the man's side a woman comes from?
Have a side of ribs while you're at it. Ate Smacklik or something like that.

Rojan Zét

That's really good Rojan, don't take any credit for it but you can put your name on it, just recognize that all you really did was write down the words, and pick out the right ones, and string them together in a certain way, but you could never have thought up something like this yourself, now could you have? How could you have?


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  2. My quest to understand the human condition dates back to the first attempts by humans to understand themselves and their place in the universe. So much has changed since last we spoke.

    Thank you for this. Every little bit helps.