Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Road

The road before me stands
impassive, serves me a curve,
brings me a field of corn,
shows me mist over the tassles,
hands me a lake, and above all,
sends me the moon.
Rojan Zét is the resident poet of the Cowichan Valley Arts Café
Moon I love you, moon I
kiss you, moon when I see
you and articulate you into
existence I sense you into
the world, when I purse my
lips and speak the first emm,
mmmmm MMMM oooo ooooooo o o o
oooon, like a cow kissing air,
mooing, mooning, mooring with
you, I kiss you kissing me.
Moon, I raise my face.
Carry me, flood me, love me
with your light, wash me, take
me with your rain, bathe me this
night for you are mine and I am
yours and we are together, alone.

She comes with me into the back,
we murmur and gaze, reaching
for each other, moving closer;
together we twist and turn,
threading each other, treading
each other, spreading each other,
never dreading each other, and
there is the sign, Do Not Enter.
Moon on the road, my sunshine.

Presenting a well groomed
face, the road kisses me
off, bows, steps back,
takes a turn, and rises,
leaving behind on this
shoulder only a cob,
some butter, and salt
for moondust.

Rojan Zét


  1. Rojan, you're a beautiful person and I love you.

  2. To love someone
    you do not know,
    or know someone
    you do not love,
    you love someone
    you do not love.
    Do you?
    - rojan

  3. May there always be moon-licking kisses and starlight baths.