Friday, September 17, 2010

Gone, poetry by Rojan Zét

Once again supper's done,
easy to do if just for one, I
did it well but who could tell -
no one here to eat with me, just
four walls for company. What doesRojan Zét is the resident poet of the Cowichan Valley Arts Café
it matter, the food was good, corn
on the cob, steak, two baked spuds,
greens from here and there out of
my garden, from Saturday's fair.
Peppers red and onions white,
food for the soul my heart's
delight, and with it last year's
blackberry wine. The fresh baked
pie went down just fine and
coffee too better not forget,
real whipped cream to keep it
wet, imagine you sitting right
there, across from me in your
own chair. Now that I'm fed,
the cold ice cream out of my
fridge gets me wondering, what
was it, something I said?

Rojan Zét

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